Glorious Ruins

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Album: Glorious Ruins
Publisher: Hillsong
Key: D
Bible ref(s): Psalm 139
Duration: 3 mins 45 secs
Views: 1261


Bm G D Em

Verse 1
Bm               G                     
      Where I go you will go
D                    Em
      You will never leave me

Bm                            G            D     Em         
      When I am lost, there's always hope

Bm                      G
      In ev'ry high, in ev'ry low
D                     Em
      You're standing next to me
Bm                         G               D
      In the fire, there's always hope.

        Em                  Bm
I will lift my eyes, let my heart cry out
You're alive, alive
          Em                      Bm
With an anthem we raise up our voice, proclaim
You're alive, alive

      G                 Bm
Your love keeps chasing me
          D               A
And it always will, it always will
     G                    Bm
Your grace keeps changing me
          D               A
And it always will, it always will

      G             Bm
You gave your life away
       D            A
Once and for all, once and for all
    G               Bm
Forever You will reign
           D                A
And you always will, you always will

Verse 2
In my joy, in my pain
You're right beside me
In Your arms there's always hope
When I fall, You are there
Your mercy will catch me
All my hope in Christ alone

D   Bm  G   A
Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh



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