2017 - Special
2017 - At His Feet

Storytelling has always been a significant part of how we interact. From camp fires and cave walls to Netflix and blogs, stories matter. Jesus told stories to explain the Kingdom of God, stories that are as intriguing as they are relatable, as complex as they are simple; stories that hold the keys to His Kingdom. Let’s sit at His feet, and hear the stories Jesus told.

2017 - Winter Restore

Resting purposefully, seeking passionately and being inspired - our Winter Restore month gives us an opportunity to seek God from a place of quietness and restoration.

2017 - Transformed
2017 - A Tale of Two Kingdoms

The Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Darkness are recurrent themes throughout Scripture. It is imperative that we understand this, so that we can operate out of the power and authority given to us by God.

2017 - Vision Month
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