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Jesus, the Full Picture

"In Australia, worship is an unusual term because we don't seem to have a major religion that is synonymous with our culture. To worship is to ascribe worth to something and submit to what it asks of us, knowing it is best for us. Even though we don't find ourselves ascribing worth or submitting to a God-figure, we certainly worship and adore many things, because the human being is designed to naturally get devoted or ascribe worth to something. Right now, consider honestly what it is you worship or adore?

As human beings, we are designed to grow and learn from outside ourselves. No one comes fully equipped for life from the moment they are born. We are not robots. A God-figure must be more than mere human to be our guide and certainly must be more than a mere physical object or philosophical concept. We need the something we worship to provide answers to questions like these:

What is our purpose in life? How should we live our life? What is the right and wrong way to act? What are the attitudes and legacy we should be passing on to our children?

How do we figure out life after death? Where did we come from? Why has my life turned out the way it has? What do I do to find liberation from past mistakes?
What do I do when I have climbed to the top of the tree in success? What happens when I have achieved everything I have set out for? How do I deal with the spiritual life?"


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