A community always consists of those that are doing well, those that are doing ok and those that are struggling for a time. When we continue to be involved and connect together, we are able to spur each other on and enjoy the rewards that come with journeying with others. Sometimes being the helper, sometimes being helped. Sometimes being the encourager, sometimes being encouraged. Sometimes being strong, sometimes getting a hand up. Your part is important no matter where you are at so don't hold back.

If you are not in a home group, let me encourage you to get involved in one. There are plenty of flavours to choose from. See Mark Fleming if you are looking for a group to join. There are few better ways to get involved at a deeper level.

In the course of a year, there are a number of opportunities to participate and get to know other men in our community.

Valiant Man

A 10 part series on sexual integrity. This will be run in the second half of the year. This is a must-do course for all men who want to navigate well through this confused and sexually orientated society that we live in.

Men's Retreat

 A great chance to connect and get equipped.

Men's Breakfasts

Get off to an early start on a Saturday morning and you'll still have most of the rest of the day for whatever else you need to do. There's a range of hot and cold food options and the chance to listen to a local talk about aspects of their life.

Men's Dinner

This is a larger scale event which draws men from the Hawkesbury and beyond to meet over dinner and listen to a well-known speaker.

The Narrow Road

How will we find and stay on the narrow road that leads to life? What if rather than building, God is inviting us to turn the model on its head and start digging? What if digging was the beginning of becoming ... Becoming good soil ... What if God invited you into a decade of being apprenticed along the narrow road, the ancient path?

Step up! Take a risk! Seize the challenge! Reap the rewards!
The Men's Team

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