Reading the gospels

It is possible that the image you have of Jesus is getting in the way of really knowing who he is. There is no better way of getting a clearer picture of who Jesus is than reading the first-hand accounts of his life - the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

You can read or listen to the gospels online through the Bible Gateway website and choose the translation or paraphrase you prefer. There is also a range of languages to choose from if you are from a non English speaking background. The links below are to a paraphrase into modern English called "The Message". Click the loudspeaker icon in the top right corner to listen.

Matthew 1, Mark 1, Luke 1, John 1

A quote from a recent book emphasises the importance of the gospels to us:

"We need to pickle ourselves in the gospels. They must become our primary stories and reference point. There is no truer way to encounter Jesus afresh than prayerfully cycling through the Gospels and asking God to give us fresh insight into the remarkable person we find there. We must give our hearts, minds, souls, to the one around whom history turns." (page 162 ReJesus: Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch)

 The following is a brief visualised extract from a much longer sermon preached by Dr S.M. Lockridge.


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