get connected


Use it or lose it!

God gives each of us gifts and talents that he wants us to use for His glory! We believe this is a massive part of being a disciple! At RPM Youth, there are so many ways to get connected on ministry teams:

PULSE student leadership group: See Phil Evans

Sound & Multimedia: See Justin Loftus

Creative Team: See Rhys Dane

RPM Band: See Josh Mayne

Activities: See Connor Chapple

Set-up & Pack up: See Rhys Dane

The opportunities don’t end there! HVBC has so many things happening every week, there is somewhere you will fit for sure!

Wildlife: See Leigh Malone

Spaghetti: See Deanna Duncan

Rock149: See Hannah Randall

Hospitality: See Kylie Morgan

Sound & Multimedia: See Phil Callaghan

The list goes on, and on, and on, and on…..